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ugly laughs to infinity

[ the first time kara lets him take her out for drinks — or, rather, the second time, because the first time had simply given her the giggles and a strong need for a nap. the second time, she'd kissed him, laughing and red-faced, with her hair coming out of her braided crown. it had been fun; the music had been loud; mon-el's hands had been insistent but polite, remembering her requests for public decency and politeness even if she hadn't.

tonight, though, kara finds herself on the angry side of less-than-sober. two drinks in, her face is flushed, attention focused on the way that mon-el leans over, flashes a smile at the waitress, casually touches her back. it twists her gut in a way she doesn't quite understand.

her grip is tight on his shirt, tugging hard enough to yank him off the barstool, dragging him through the bar. mon-el's flailing arms leave a trail of broken glasses on the ground, though for once, kara doesn't stop to pick it up. she doesn't stop until they're outside, in the darkest part of the alley outside, where she can push him against the wall and slam her hands against it, trapping him between. ]

No. [ it comes out rough, raspy; kara's eyes narrow as she glares at him, chest rising and falling with each bitter breath. ] Absolutely not.

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