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mon-el ([personal profile] partiers) wrote in [personal profile] publica 2016-12-01 08:36 pm (UTC)

high-pitched noises!!!

[ mon-el knows he's flirting, but it's what comes naturally to him and it doesn't mean anything. it's a harmless bit of fun, like joking with a friend or slinging an arm around winn's shoulders, and he wouldn't actually go further with anyone looking to take him up on the offer while he's with kara because, well, kara. she's beautiful and strong and carries the weight of the world on her shoulders, and she expects so much from him that it seems like too much sometimes, but he wants to be better. he wants to be good for her, the kind of man she deserves instead of the kind of man that he is.

anyway, the flirting is fun and unthinking and mon-el hardly even realises that he's doing it, and then suddenly he's being walked out of the bar forcibly by a kara who looks angry, face flushed and her eyes narrowed. it's — it's a really good look on her, is what it is.

mon-el tips his head back against the wall. he's trapped, and she's angry. he probably shouldn't be feeling quite as breathless or lightheaded as he is, but here they are. ]

No, what? [ he forces his voice into a light tone that doesn't betray just how turned on he is all of the sudden. but whoa. ]

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