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[ there are moments when elena still cannot believe that this is real, that she has a pack now, that she has a partner, someone who does not ask her to kill in exchange for affection but who offers it freely and gladly, who wants to share it as much as she does. there are moments when she's convinced that this must all be some dream and she'll wake up back at the orphanage, too late for breakfast and forced to go without, to the sneers of the guards, to being ignored unless commanded to kill.

benedict doesn't like it when she doubts that this is real, that she can deserve this, she knows, and so she tries not to let it show when she's dumbstruck and doubtful again. somehow, he always knows. somehow, he always knows just how to snap her out of it, too — like now, with a firm hand on the back of her neck, pushing her head down, his body pressed against her back, covering all of her until she's surrounded by him.

how can she doubt that this is real when he's right there? and so elena arches her back, pressing herself against him with a wordless noise that's acquiescence and gratefulness both at once. ]
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[It's true, Benedict does not like it when Elena doubts that he cares about her, doubts that she has a place here with him, that he's her pack. It upsets him, to know that she doesn't trust in the reality that they've created for themselves, in the bond he can feel between them. He understands her hesitation, of course, knowing what he knows about her past, but it doesn't make it any easier when he sees the wariness in her eyes as she approaches, like she's not sure if he's going to rebuff her request for affection this time even though he's never rebuffed her before.

Sometimes, he's found the best way to calm her down, to reassure her that he's here for her, is to be firm.

The easy way Elena submits to him wakens something dark and possessive in him that he'd never really explored before, and part of him is frightened by it, by how strong and loud it is. The rest of him revels in it, in the knowledge that this girl is his, that she gives up her body to him without a murmur of protest.]

What must I do to prove it to you? [he asks, keeping his hand on the back of her neck so her face remains pressed into his pillows, his spine bent as he curves over her. He licks her shoulder and then bites down on her skin, not hard enough to pierce the flesh or even to bruise, but sharply enough to be felt; a warning, quelling hold.] Must I mark you?
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[ elena shivers. she can't help it, but she also doesn't even try to hide it. she doesn't want to hide anything from benedict, not really. when he's like this, she doesn't think that she could. she'd been scared to give herself to someone again — she'd tried, with sierra, and sierra had let her, but she'd also used her. benedict isn't anything like sierra, which is why she has to wonder sometimes if he isn't too good to be true. but with his hand on her neck and his voice in her ear, his teeth against her skin, elena can't doubt him.

she doesn't know what the right answer is, but her throat is dry and her chest tight, stomach clenching tight with a surge of wantwantwant, pure and simple. there's really only one thing she can say: ]

Will you?
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[Honestly, he hadn't expected her to ask him to mark her. It had been an idle threat, really, something he thought to say without thinking that she might actually want it.

It seems she does.

Once he's blinked at her in surprise and lifted his head to make sure she really means what she's asking him to do, Benedict does as he's been asked, bending his head back to her shoulder and carefully pressing his teeth into her flesh. The warriorborn have longer, sharper teeth than most humans, with pronounced canines that wink brightly in the light when they speak and glisten threateningly when they smile. While he does not want to hurt her, it's inevitable just with the way his jaw is structured, even though he works hard not to actually pierce her skin. He does suck hard, though, bringing the blood close to the surface and bursting the little vessels beneath his lips, worrying a bright bruise into her skin high on her shoulder that should flare to life every time her shirt brushes over it.

He lets her go with a quiet little rumble of satisfaction, and licks his lips as he surveys his handiwork.]
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[ it isn't the pain that eases the tightness in her chest and leaves wet heat between her legs, though it bursts bright along her spine, travelling from her shoulder, though it's the pain that forces a voiceless gasp from her. for a moment, elena struggles to breathe, but that isn't the pain, either. it's knowing that he's saying she's his, it's the proof, for everyone to see, that she belongs to him: his scent on her, his teeth marks on her. most people might not realise what it means, but a wolf would. she thinks the cats and warriorborn alike would, too.

it doesn't matter what they would think. she knows, and that's what has her reacting as strongly as she does now.

she feels breathless, and she's sure he can smell how this is affecting her. she doesn't mind him knowing, doesn't mind anything, because everything inside her is singing. ]
Yes. [ more than all right. ]

Are you - ?

[ she doesn't finish the sentence, but she presses her hips back against him, a request for something else entirely. ]
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[He knows she's alright even as he's asking her; her can smell the pain she feels, but stronger than the sharp bite of physical discomfort is the sickly-sweet smell of her arousal, curling and cloying in his nose and making it impossible to think about anything else.

He licks her shoulder sympathetically as he shifts above her, tasting he heat of her skin and the salt of her sweat and rumbling again, deep in his chest.]

Yes, I'm— [He doesn't bother finishing his response either; the way she presses back against him will answer that question far better than words possibly could. He'd only been half-hard before, his body intrigued by the prospect of her so close and so warm and so willing, but the way she reacted to him biting her has made his cock swell hopefully in his trousers. It takes no thought to grind it against her a little, his fingers curling in the hair at the nape of her neck as he holds her still, pinned to the bed. He can practically taste her on his tongue already, the smell of her making his mouth water. He wants to taste her properly, to peel away her clothes and get his mouth on her and his tongue inside her, but he also wants to fuck her with enough force that she forgets, for a moment, that she's timid and scared and unsure of herself, and screams out her pleasure instead.]

Do you want me to — ?
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[ he grinds against her, keeping her pinned, and elena lets out another wordless noise, an immediate reaction to the satisfaction and the thrill of feeling him harden against her, to the friction even just this causes. he licks at her shoulder, and it sends sparks along her spine again, her mind stuck on marked and his. ]

Please. [ she shifts her legs apart, and it makes her balance more precarious. it's a vulnerable position, but she trusts him with it, with herself. she trusts him, and she wants him to take her in any and all ways that he wants until she's surrounded by him and he's all that she knows, until she can't forget that they're pack, that she has a place where she belongs, someone she belongs with, that she has him.

just the thought of it has her shiver again. ]
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[He'll get his mouth on her later. Maybe after he's fucked her, when she's wet and swollen and a little tender, when he can taste himself inside her and revel in the shared smell of together.]

Alright. [She widens her stance, and it makes his breath catch a little, the way her hips tip up invitingly like she's just asking him to mount her.

He will gladly comply.

Getting her properly undressed seems like a daunting task. For one thing, it would require her getting up from her prone position across his bed, and he rather likes the sight she presents with her hair tangled around her face and her face pressed against his pillow, her shoulders down and her hips lifted. Her knees are spread too wide to be able to pull her loose trousers down properly either. Sighing, he lifts himself off her and takes the waist of her trousers in both hands and then pulls sharply, the sharp rip of rent fabric piercing the air.]

You really should wear more skirts, [he murmurs as he yanks the ruined trousers off her and drops them off the side of the bed before sliding his palms possessively up her thighs.] I'd ruin less of your clothing. [Gripping her hips tight, he hauls her closer to him, using his knees to knock hers wider so he can fit between them more easily.]
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[ elena protests when he lifts himself off her, though the protest is short-lived. it turns into surprise quickly enough when he rips her trousers, when she feels cool air against the sensitive skin of her thighs, against the sticky wetness between her legs. her next intake of breath is sharp, and it turns into a moan when he knocks her legs further apart, when he settles between them, pulling her in.

aggression can have two effects on elena: either it'll prompt her to fight, or it'll trigger her flight instinct. this doesn't feel like aggression, and there's nothing threatening about benedict. possessiveness isn't the same, doesn't feel the same to elena, and she's eager, rubbing her hips against his again, curving her back so she can feel his cock press against her entrance. if it means she's ruining his trousers in the process, it's not deliberate. ]

You're still wearing trousers. [ it's not really an answer. ]
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[Keeping a hand at the small of her back, holding her in place, Benedict uses the other to undo his belt and fumble his trousers open so he can push them and his underwear down far enough that he can get his cock out properly.

There's a small part of him that is cringing at how uncoordinated he's being, at how ridiculous he must look with his arse hanging out of his pants and his trousers bunched up around his thighs, but the vast majority of his brain is too busy focusing on the wet, wet heat of her so close to his cock. He wants to press right into her, to slide easily inside her like they were made for this, made for each other, but he somehow manages to restrain himself. Instead, he curves his hand over her, feeling the sticky warmth of her cunt smear across his palm as he rubs her for a moment or two before sliding two fingers into her.]

Not really. [Let's see how long he can remain coherent with her clenching tight around his fingers.]
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[ elena can hear what he's doing, can tell even though she cannot see him. even if the position she's in didn't put her face against the pillows that smell of him, she has her eyes closed. anticipation is almost as much of an aphrodisiac as knowing that she's wearing the proof that she belongs with him, that they're a pack on her skin — but it isn't his cock pushing into her, it's his fingers, already wet from her.

she still pushes back against him, clenching tight around them, seeking more pressure, more of him, just more. two fingers are enough to send pleasure up her spine, to have her tighten and gasp, but she can't imagine anything will ever be enough, that she'll ever be so sated that she won't want more of him. ]

Ben —

[ he may still be coherent; elena not so much. her language now is non-verbal, is the shift of her body, the way she opens her legs further despite the strain it puts on her thighs, because of that strain, because she wants him closer. it's in her breathing, growing more ragged. ]
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[He groans as she clenches down and pushes back against him, seeking more, not needing to use words to tell him exactly what she wants from him.

If this is what sex is like all the time, he can quite fully understand why the rest of his compatriots in the Guard talked about it so goddamn much. This is incredible. It's all-encompassing. His entire world has narrowed down to this bed, to the girl in it, to the heat of her body and the smell of her skin and the quiet, needy noises that spill from her throat.]

You'll be the death of me yet.

[Despite the small urge to keep his fingers inside her to see how long he can tease her before she breaks, he doesn't have enough willpower to deny himself what he truly wants. So, pulling his hand free of her, he takes his cock in hand instead, and lines himself up so he can slowly, carefully push inside. If he groaned loudly at how she felt around his fingers, it's nothing to the noise he lets out as he sinks into the cradle of her hips, the hand he has on her back curling so that his fingers press sharply into her skin.]
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[ there was no talk of sex at the orphanage, but elena has smelled it on some of the people she'd killed, in some of the rooms she's been in. she's learned about it from books and films; she's read about wolves and about humans and figured that what she likes is probably somewhere in between the two.

it turns out, what she likes is just benedict, doing almost anything. he lines himself up and she moves with him. elena doesn't have enough room for manoeuvre not to let him set the speed, but she lifts her hips off the bed as much as she can. she's surprised every time again by how it good it feels when he first pushes into her, the feeling of being filled, the way her body responds, letting him in and tightening around him all at once.

it isn't until he's all the way inside, until she can feel coarse hair and skin pressed against her entrance, that she lets out a breath she hadn't realised she was holding. quietly, almost dreamily, she mutters into the pillow: ]
You feel so good.

[ she can manage the occasional bout of coherence, at least while they're still — though stillness does not mean the absence of stimulus, of sensation, her nerves alight. ]
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[It feels like it takes hours, but eventually Benedict is fully seated in her, his hips pressed so close to hers that nothing could get between them, her thighs bracketing his nearly trembling with anticipation. He takes a moment to savor how it feels, the slick embrace of her body cradling his, their scents already mingling in the air, the musk of sex mixing with the sharp bite of her wolf and the lazy watchfulness of his lion. He shudders, his skin crawling, and finally lets go of her, only to shift and to practically fall onto his palms so that he's hunched over her completely, blanketing her with his body, skin to skin.

He noses into her hair, pushing it aside until he can get at her neck, breathing hot and damp across her skin as he rolls his hips slowly against hers.]

Sweetheart. [His voice is a low rumble in the back of his throat, and he licks her pulse to feel it thundering against his tongue, his cheek rubbing against her skin to mix the scent of their skin even more. Shifting his weight onto one arm, he slides his free hand down the length of her body, his fingers rucking up her shirt so he can press his palm flat against her skin like he's pressing her up into his chest.]
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[ the position they're in allow him deeper than usual, and elena feels like she's trembling, though she doesn't think that she actually is, on the verge of too full, of overwhelming without being too much. he's everywhere: inside her, on top of her, his arm around her, his smell in the pillows and in the air around them. elena moans her appreciation of his proximity into the pillows, turning her head though she doesn't think she can reach his mouth. ]

Yeah. [ the word is largely nonsensical, a confirmation of his pet name or of nothing at all. elena isn't even sure what she's trying to say, just that she needs to react somehow. has she ever told him what it does to her insides when he calls her sweetheart or anything like it? she doesn't think she has. even now, pleasure and need surging through her, it makes something inside her chest soften. ]
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[It's difficult to pick up a proper rhythm with him hunched over her the way he is, but he's going to try, goddammit, because he doesn't want to shift away from her in the slightest. He'd never be able to choose if he was asked to pick a favorite position in which they make love have sex, but there's something to be said for the way that face-to-face allows them to lie all over each other with as much skin touching as possible. He's determined to replicate those results here.

He might not be able to thrust hard and fast, but he can keep rolling his hips against her, shifting his cock inside her and dragging his chest across her back, her shirt rucking up more and more as he moves. It just bares more skin for him to touch, so he's quite happy with the result, dragging his palm across her ribs and up between her breasts.

Licking up her throat, he nips the tender skin below her ear lightly and nuzzles at the hinge of her jaw.]
You're mine, [he growls, his fingers tracing the sweep of her clavicles lightly before drifting up to caress her throat in a feather-light touch that quite plainly suggests he could tighten his grip any time he chose to.] Say it.
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[ there's one downside to this position, and elena feels it keenly when he says those words: she cannot tip her head back to bare her throat to his teeth the way she would, the way every instinct tells her to. but his fingers are across her throat, not tight but there, and his lips are against her jaw, and it's almost the same thing, it's good enough, and she forces her head to the side and her throat against his hand. ]

I'm yours, [ she says, and it's quiet, barely a gust of breath, and ] I'm yours. [ louder, more certain. ] Yours. [ and she's tightening around him, pulling him deeper inside her. every part of her is surrounded by him, owned, and she doesn't know what to focus on. all of it brings pleasure, but the physical doesn't quite compare to the knowledge that she's his, that she belongs. ]
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[He grins, sharp and dangerous, as she tips her head to the side and parrots him.] Good girl. [He grinds his hips against hers as he lets his fingers circle her throat properly, not gripping her tightly but holding her still, his fingers pressing enough to help her bare her throat even more to him as he kisses across her jaw.]

We're pack, [he continues, his fingers pressing just a tiny bit more into her throat as he rocks into her, his teeth grazing her skin on every thrust.] Say it.
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[ good girl sends a thrill of pleasure through her that's entirely different from the waves building inside her, climbing higher each time he rocks his hips, fucking into her and rocking her against the bed, into his grip against her throat. ]

Yes. [ is the first confirmation, though not in the right words. it takes her a moment to get her mind working enough, to focus enough on something other than the physical, to formulate the sentence. when she does, it's eager. she wants to believe and right now? right now, with him so impossibly close and heat building up inside her, she can. ] We're pack.

[ and maybe it's the words, or maybe it's the pleasure that's been building, but she's close, so close, and the words come out hoarse, her breath far from steady and even. ]
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[It takes a little maneuvering, as he doesn't want to let go of the hand he has around her throat, but eventually Benedict manages to shift his weight in such a way that he can brace himself on his left elbow so he can both keep his hand clasped securely around her throat and free up his other hand so that he can slide it down her body, taking a moment to fondle her breasts and tweak her nipples before he settles his hand between her legs so he can rub his fingertips against her clitoris.]

Good girl, [he repeats, and bites her neck, just pressing his teeth into her skin just below where his thumb is dimpling her skin to make a point.

It hadn't taken him long to realize that Elena needed an alpha just as much as she needed a pack, that she wanted someone to belong to who cared about her and who would look after her. Benedict still isn't sure if he's doing any of it right, but it seems to be enough for her, so he's willing to continue to fumble along and hope he's not mucking anything up as he tries to be what Elena needs him to be.]

That's my good girl.
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[ elena doesn't know — doesn't care, either — what it is that tips her over the edge. whether it's his touch, fingers rubbing against her clit that sends her spiralling into pleasure, whether it's that he's deep inside her, filling her up, or that he's covering all of her, his hand on her throat and his body above hers, or his words. probably it's all of these things, the combination of them and just himhimhim.

she doesn't scream, but there's nothing quiet about her when her the waves of pleasure break, dragging her under, her back arching and her muscles locking up, clenching around him until she's trembling and trembling and completely gone. she thinks she says his name, or she tries and it comes out as a moan, and then all she can do is breathe and feel. she's safe, and they're pack, she's his and everything feels impossibly good. it's more than her body can bear, and she never wants it to end.

eventually, the pleasure eases, leaving her sated and more aware of his proximity and that he's still hard inside of her. this time, when she clenches her muscles around him, it's entirely deliberate. ]
You're mine, too.
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[It's all Benedict can do to grit his teeth while Elena shudders beneath him, her body clutching at him as desperately as her hands clutching the bedsheets. He does his best to keep a steady rhythm going, but it's not exactly easy. Still, he wants to be good for her, so he clings to his own composure as he helps her ride out her climax, swallowing down the groan that bubbles up in his throat.

Eventually, she settles, her entire body relaxing beneath him for a moment before she deliberately clenches down, drawing out that groan that he'd been fighting for so long.]

Yours, [he agrees, tucking his face into her neck as he struggles to keep hold of his composure so he isn't rutting into her like an animal. She probably wouldn't hold it against him, but he's supposed to be civilized, and gripping her hips tightly enough to leave little bruises under her skin as he thrusts wildly seems uncouth.

In the end, it's all for naught, as his rhythm stutters and his breath hitches, his orgasm roaring through him like fire through his veins, leaving him clutching at her tightly and shaking as his hips twitch against hers and a low, coughing rumble comes bubbling up from his chest.

Trembling as he braces himself so he doesn't just collapse on top of her, he nuzzles into the crook of her neck and tries to catch his breath.]
I didn't hurt you, did I?
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[ yours, he says, and his rhythm stutters. elena lets out a sound of pleasure, not the quiet satisfaction that is flooding her and not the wild pleasure of before, but something in between the two. she likes it when he finds his pleasure in her body, when he chases it and lets go of all the things that he holds back. when he trusts that she can take anything he is willing to give. his cock twitches inside her as he spills and elena moans into the pillow because no matter how sated she may be, having him so deep inside her will always feel good. ]

No. [ it's not a lie, even if she can still feel his teeth against her shoulder. she's happy, and that negates any pain she might feel. ] You didn't.

[ she twists her neck to try and seek out his lips. mine, she thinks again, and can feel her lips stretching into a smile. ]
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[Although he wants to stay as pressed as deep into her as possible for as long as possible, Benedict's arms are getting tired and he wants to collapse to the bed even more, so he slowly starts to extricate himself.

Pulling out draws a disappointed grumble from him, but it does make it a lot easier to twist to the side so he can settle down next to her, which also makes kissing a lot easier, so that's definitely a win.

Stroking her hair out of her face, he peers at her worriedly even as he leans in to give her the kiss she's searching for.]
Are you sure?

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