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[ And Matteusz will wait until Charlie opens his eyes again to begin talking. Because he needs to look him in the eyes when he says, ] I need you to know that I love you, and that how much I love you is greater than how much I am afraid of you. I'm... afraid of how much I love you.

[ That's not all of it, and they both know that, but it's important that Charlie starts with that solid footing. ]
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[ it melts some of the ice inside charlie's chest that's been there since matteusz' admission that he's afraid of him, since learning that matteusz and all of the others sometimes think ill of him inside their heads, that the people he calls his friends and looks forward to seeing every day think he's useless, that he asks stupid questions.

maybe that isn't all they think of him, but it still cuts deep. but matteusz looks him in the eyes and even without the stone and the prisoner, charlie can hear the truth in those words. maybe the truth is more nuanced than the things they'd shared in detention. maybe, maybe — charlie is almost afraid to hope, but how can he do anything but? hope and his friends and matteusz, that's all he has. ]

I love you, too. [ that has been true for so long now. it hasn't become any less true since matteusz' confession, or since charlie's own. ]