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[ control is a funny thing. kara's always careful with it. when your body can do strange and amazing things, things that would easily cast you as a villain just as soon as a hero, control is a part of life. it's a necessary skill for survival.

she'd learned it from jeremiah first, a habit trained into her through lead-lined glasses and adoption paperwork. later, she'd learned it from cat grant, through stamping down protests or late nights finishing projects that should have never been hers. she'd told mon-el she would never use her gifts to make those learning opportunities any easier. (she hadn't been telling the truth then, but she'd been in control enough to be convincing.)

now, in this alleyway, with her body leaning on his as his hands grip her waist, kara gives in to that tempting voice in the back of her head, the one that whispers let go and relax. as the tight grip releases, kara feels floaty again. this time not from the booze she'd been drinking, but from actually floating.

just a few inches off the ground, just barely high enough for the tips of her shoes to brush against the concrete, but it's still floating.

a kiss that will sweep you off your feet, indeed. ]
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Kara[ she's floating, but mon-el doesn't notice it. what he notices is that she seems taller, that he has to look up instead of down to find her gaze, to hold it, or to reach her lips, in order to set his teeth there and pull, to run his tongue across the spot where his teeth had been.

it seems fitting, somehow. kara has seemed larger than life almost from the moment that he'd arrived, irritating and arrogant, gorgeous and impossibly good, always much more than mon-el could ever hope to be. ]

I want you. [ he whispers it against the skin of her jaw, lips trailing down her neck. if she meant to wipe all thoughts of any other woman from his mind, she's managed it spectacularly well. ]