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Don't be stupid, [ don't play dumb, don't mock me, don't act as though you don't have a clue what i'm talking about. the words are sharp and purposeful; her teeth bite off on each word as they dart out of her mouth.

her head feels full, heavy and light at the same time, like she can't quite get a grip on what she's feeling. it's hard to know what this feeling is, tight and aggressive and shaky in her belly, like there's some poisonous desire to burn him alive.

i could throw her into space. the words come back like a haunting, echoing in her head, and kara immediately thinks of the waitress. don't waitresses know how to tell the difference? the waitress should have known, should never have lingered with her hands or her eyes or the way she smiled as if she was telling him a secret. but mon-el smiled back, wanted that secret, and kara knew, it was like the world lit up warning signs just for her, flashing red and dangerous.

his tone makes those warning signs start up again, sirens screaming in her ears. ]
You're my date. Mine.
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[ mon-el doesn't think he's ever seen kara quite this angry, or at least not angry in quite this way. he's seen her angry plenty of times, and she's yelled at him before, but she's never been possessive, not of him. he swallows, stomach tight and air in short supply.

he feels light-headed, too, but it isn't because he's scared. how could he be, when he knows just how good kara is?

he can think of so many answers, so many reactions. he could tell kara that the waitress doesn't matter, that flirting doesn't matter to him. that she does. he could joke about this or answer in kind, that he isn't stupid, that he doesn't want to be accused of it, that she should get off her high horse.

none of them are right. instead, he tips his head back further, baring his throat. ]
I am. [ he couldn't keep up the light tone if he tried. ] Yours.
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[ the urge is there, whispering in the back of her head, to let anger run its course into aggression. her hands shake a little, fingers trembling as they splay out against the concrete, leaving small moon-shaped indentations in their wake.

as if by some virtue of their closeness, kara can feel the way his body shifts between her and the wall. his chest rises quickly, a sharp intake of breath puffing out beneath his shirt, only to softly fall back as he looks up at her, as if there were words that meant to come out but never managed to form.

instinct tells her to press him, to demand tribute in form of his words. an apology, an explanation, but all he says is mine and that same red hot desire burns in her chest. her mouth is suddenly so dry.

kara isn't sure if she manages any words to affirm his point, but her mouth is on autopilot, crashing into his with an urgency that sucks the breath from her lungs. ]
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[ he doesn't know if the words are enough, if she even wants those words and what they mean, but there's a truth in them that he hadn't even dared admit to himself, that's forced from him now by her anger and his own reaction to it, an admission and absolute conviction.

he's hers.

and maybe it isn't what she wanted to hear or what she expected, but her lips crash into his and mon-el moans into the kiss, breathless and impossibly turned on. his hands curl into fists, only to uncurl again and settle against kara's sides, pulling her closer. he needs her so much closer, every barrier between their bodies gone.

that they're in an alley behind a bar doesn't register anymore. nothing does, except for kara and the heat and urgency of their kiss. ]
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[ there's no guidebook for this. there's no instruction manual on possessiveness, or what to do when your veins burn hot under your skin with jealousy. all kara knows is that sensation twisting in her gut, that unquenchable desire for reassurance, that what this is — whatever it is, because she doesn't know, they haven't defined it yet — is hers and hers alone. that mon-el is hers, in all the ways that matter.

so when his fingers find purchase in the fabric of her shirt, digging into her sides as if trying to claw his way into her skin, kara can't help but groan. it's a mix of pain and desire both. it shouldn't feel good, but it does — and as much as it shames her to admit it, she wants more.

when his mouth leaves hers, presumably for a chance to breathe, kara's head tips back, the milky column of her neck exposed in turn. ]

We... [ shouldn't, not here, but the words don't come to the surface over the agitated, raspy breaths that spill out of her mouth. ]
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[ there's no guidebook for this, but mon-el doesn't need one. he doesn't have much experience with this specific situation. no woman has ever pushed him against a wall like this, and he's never told a woman that he's hers and meant it. it isn't experience that has him reacting, that makes the guidebook unnecessary. it's instinct, plain and simple, every cell in his body telling him to give in to her.

she tips her head back, and mon-el leans in with a hungry noise, shoulders still back against the wall and his neck straining so he can reach soft and vulnerable skin, to press his lips there almost reverently. he doesn't ask her to finish the sentence she started. he barely notices that she's spoken, because he's too distracted by the blood rushing in his ears, by the needneedneed building inside him.]
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[ control is a funny thing. kara's always careful with it. when your body can do strange and amazing things, things that would easily cast you as a villain just as soon as a hero, control is a part of life. it's a necessary skill for survival.

she'd learned it from jeremiah first, a habit trained into her through lead-lined glasses and adoption paperwork. later, she'd learned it from cat grant, through stamping down protests or late nights finishing projects that should have never been hers. she'd told mon-el she would never use her gifts to make those learning opportunities any easier. (she hadn't been telling the truth then, but she'd been in control enough to be convincing.)

now, in this alleyway, with her body leaning on his as his hands grip her waist, kara gives in to that tempting voice in the back of her head, the one that whispers let go and relax. as the tight grip releases, kara feels floaty again. this time not from the booze she'd been drinking, but from actually floating.

just a few inches off the ground, just barely high enough for the tips of her shoes to brush against the concrete, but it's still floating.

a kiss that will sweep you off your feet, indeed. ]
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Kara[ she's floating, but mon-el doesn't notice it. what he notices is that she seems taller, that he has to look up instead of down to find her gaze, to hold it, or to reach her lips, in order to set his teeth there and pull, to run his tongue across the spot where his teeth had been.

it seems fitting, somehow. kara has seemed larger than life almost from the moment that he'd arrived, irritating and arrogant, gorgeous and impossibly good, always much more than mon-el could ever hope to be. ]

I want you. [ he whispers it against the skin of her jaw, lips trailing down her neck. if she meant to wipe all thoughts of any other woman from his mind, she's managed it spectacularly well. ]